Simple. Somedays, It’s a Gift.

Suit: Canali/Shirt: John Varvatos/Tie: The Tie Bar/Glasses: Ray Ban/iPhone:Vintage 4/Chelsea Boots: Grenson

Monday… flat tire…house a wreck, can’t find schedule… daughter going to be late for school … going to be late for meeting … running back from meeting taking phone calls at the desk before I even get my sunglasses off… email malfunction… what password? Some days you long for a simple solution. Even my shoes are slip-on Chelsea boots.


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4 Responses to Simple. Somedays, It’s a Gift.

  1. brohammas says:

    wait, this is after the flat tire? Wait… I suppose the easy, elegant, and white shirt preserving thing to do would be to call AAA. Carry on.

  2. There is never enough good to say about USAA Roadside Assistance. $1.00 a year.

  3. Dearest Chris,

    Love your humor on Monday! Got the same vintage 4 iPhone…
    Hope your week will go smooth from now on!

  4. Todd Kunz says:

    Going through all that and still looking great; now that is sprezzatura!

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