Philling You In

Mrs E. and I recently visited Philadelphia and had a marvelous time. Drinks at the Waterworks, luncheon at Rouge and dinner at The Oyster House before a breakfast at Parc.
How do you know that it's time to visit a larger city? I left the keys in the car when we pulled up to valet park at The Latham Hotel (great location and pretty rooms.) Joe, the valet, leapt to remind me to take them inside to the stand… “Not much of a city boy…” was Mrs. E.'s comment to him.
It was hot. 102 degrees F when this photo was taken. That's the chair that William Randolph of Virginia sat in to preside over the First Continental Congress. As a Virginian, I felt it appropriate to take the photo.


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5 Responses to Philling You In

  1. glad you enjoyed yourselves here!

  2. Welcome to my neighborhood! The square is awesome. My wife and I love Parc and went there after I proposed in the Square! Had plenty of Veuve to celebrate the occaision.

    Wish we could have met for a drink!!!! Maybe next time. All the best to you and Mrs. E!!!


  3. Kionon says:

    How appropriate. I am currently working my way through the HBO John Adams miniseries…

  4. Call Me Al says:

    I believe that would have been Peyton Randolph’s chair, William’s grandson. The Randolphs in that time were so numerous, the oversight is certainly understandable. What a fun trip, all around!

  5. We’ve vowed to return!

    Kionon, an excellent series all around.

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