No, this is not my Friday rig. I’ve got a chest cold, thanks to my son, and a picnic with my daughter at her school this afternoon. Maybe the sunshine will do me well. My picnic attire will probably be my safari jacket and slacks, but I may opt for a sport coat and trousers, we’ll see. With a tweaked back (gardening to prepare for the back porch replacement), the prospect of sitting on the ground isn’t that exciting to me. I may have to lie there, like a sultan amidst his silken pillows.

I love this suit and it fits me fairly well for a heavily tailored off-the-peg number (Canali). But every time I wear it, I get the same comment, viz. “That’s a beautiful suit.” And that tells me the suit is wearing me. Maybe a few more years of beating it up will make it mine.

Happy Friday.

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  1. The Leopard says:

    Great suit, the tie is excellent with that color, I don’t remember having seen this combination of complimentary color (Glenurquhart ?) plaid tie and formal suiting in quite some time, a classic look. I like the look of the light greys in summer, a most overlooked summer look. Congratulations you’ve done it again.

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