Now that the hot weather has descended upon Richmond, I am in no-sock-wearing-unless-absolutely-necessary mode. I do tend to perspire heavily and feet have a large number of sweat glands. I use Gold Bond Foot Powder and a crystal deodorant stick, but I still swim in my Belgians after a while. Which is why I’m passing along my latest find: Aldo’s washable Terry Cloth Insoles. At USD$8.00, buy three pair and alternate them. The terry cloth absorbs sweat, the backing is treated to eliminate odor. Perfect for a footloose summer.

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4 Responses to Footloose

  1. The Leopard says:

    What a great idea I can’t wait to get some and see how they work down here during a south Texas summer. Thanks for the tip.

  2. My husband hates going sockless due to that ‘squishy’ feeling he gets after awhile, he will definitely be a happy camper when I come home with a few pairs of these!!

  3. ADG says:

    This is wrong.

  4. Sam says:

    it looks like two different materials in both side, which side should be the upside?

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