Do Me a Solid

To begin with, please don’t forget that yesterday was “April Food Day”, something which Meg of Pigtown-Design and I cooked up (no pun intended) a couple of years ago to help families in need. Yes, the economy is improving, but judging by the number of homeless people I see on the street corners everyday, we’ve still got a problem. If every one of you reading would donate a dollar by clicking on the link on my sidebar, we can make a huge difference immediately. Thanks.

Now then, since the commercial is over, I’ll play on the title of the post again.

Brown is an underappreciated color. Mainly thanks to the “no brown in town” cliché and the famous “Brown looks like s*&$” quip made by … was it a President? Certainly not President Reagan, who did very well in brown suits. Slipping a bit of the sophisticated hue into your wardrobe is a simple as choosing a solid brown tie — be it repp, as here, or knit to add texture — and calling attention to the accessories. Brown looks especially well paired with blue, however, I chose this grey Oxxford suit since it has a golden stripe through it. Unseen are the dark brown brogues, croc belt and watch strap. The pocket square is a brown and white glen plaid by RL. The shirt is a blue, brown and white mini Tattersall check.

funny how I look thinner and smiling in the mirror. Sort of a reverse Dorian Grey effect.

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