Business Casual for Apple

Headed for the Apple store in biz casual khakis, sport coat, small ‘pane blue shirt, and my new pocket square. Tan penny loafers below the ankle. It’s very warm here these days (80’sF) and I find that trim cut khakis and tan loafers are my go-to items. Especially if the occasion isn’t too formal.

I’d love to wear them with something like this from The Armoury:

It turns out that my MacBook Pro qualified as an antique and no parts were available to fix the screen. So, I came home with an iMac! I don’t remember the last time I had a desktop, but I figure it might last a bit longer if the kiddos can’t slam the top down… . The long and short of it is that I should be back up to speed in no time, although I have been very pleased with the Blogsy app for the iPad.

Any other apps for bloggers that I should know about?


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3 Responses to Business Casual for Apple

  1. Turling says:

    Err…not for bloggers. Plenty for drinkers, though!

    I use an IMac, as well. Quite happy with it. Enjoy.

  2. Paula says:

    Don’t be discouraged–any equipment more than a couple of years old is considered antique in the Apple world. What must the ‘geniuses’ think when my husband and I come through the door?

  3. Paula, they looked at me with shock and awe at how long and well my MacBook held up! Then saved me money on this iMac.

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