All Fired Up for the Holidays.






Editor’s Note: I need to make a very public apology to Mrs. E. who feels that I have told the world that I do not enjoy having her or the children around the house. It is not true, nor did I intend to imply that with this post. I remain a very lucky man who is blessed with a strong, supportive and loving family. For any unintended slights, I humbly apologize.

A grey, damp day in Richmond, VA and I’m just coming up for air after the six-day school holiday for Thanksgiving. The silence here at The Manse is deafening.

Foremost among my thoughts is the traditional lighting of the Christmas tree at The Jefferson that I missed last evening for a board meeting. Mrs. E. took the children and braved the crowds (which she won’t do alone again) and was rewarded with squeals of delight when Santa Claus made an appearance. She also mentioned that the costumes for the Barksdale Theatre production of “My Fair Lady” were magnificent. I’m looking forward to seeing the show (please click through on the banner ad and buy tickets now, you’ll be very happy that you did! I’m not benefitting in any way from the ad or your click-through.)

More than the lighting of the tree, I miss having a fireplace –even one to visit — on days like today. I don’t think The Jefferson has one. Mrs. E. and I used to take coffee or a cocktail in the lounge at The Hotel Tabard Inn near Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. . The fireplace was always a welcome distraction from the stresses of the day (that’s it in the photo above). During some afternoons, we were the only guests, giving us the impression that we were visiting a country house. Delightful.

For the life of me, I can’t think of a place here in town that has a fireplace (or, for that matter, a bar without a television). What a fine way to while away an hour or two after a show. Do you have places that fit the bill? Pipe up, so that other readers may benefit during a visit.

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