Friday, 50ºF, sunny and I’ve already witnessed a traffic accident and downed power lines.

But that’s no reason to head back to bed, instead I’ll make for the Moka and have another cup of coffee, padding around the manse in a pair of Varvatos’ Jack Purcell’s. I’m shocked, but they actually fit me better than the regular lace-up kind. Now that I have a pair of acceptable sneakers, who knows what might happen? (I am on hiatus from working out pending my doctor’s approval. Turns out that a bit of dizziness the other night may have been a “mild cardiac event.” Ummmm….. ?) I foresee longer walks and some playing catch in the near future. [UPDATE: many thanks for those of you who reached out to voice concern. It was a mild cardiac event, but has left “No Permanent Damage”, which I think may be the title of my autobiography.]

This afternoon, I’m off to the Studio for a Friday open-house featuring smoked baby-back ribs and appropriate beverages. “Tailorgaiting” another creative termed it. (Wish I’d though of that.) I understand that a cigar expert will be on hand as well. That sounds like an ideal Friday. The question, of course, is what does one wear to handle ribs slathered in a bourbon glaze? College kit.

Dark jeans and a blazer, khakis and a lightweight tweed jacket, shorts, rugby shirt and a sweater? Think Ralph and be ready for anything.

Anyone interested in seeing where The Icon Collection is going, please stop by between 3 and 6 this afternoon. Anybody out-of-town and enjoying this kind of weather, please put the top down and turn the radio up.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this wonderful quote to ponder this weekend.

So I just answered his questions, secretly pleased in knowing that there are plenty of fathers who can teach their son how to do a jackknife off the high dive, but precious few who can explain the semiotics of a shawl collar vs a peak lapel. Or why Charvet and Budd are the only two places you should buy a formal bow tie – especially if you like a small, batwing one as opposed to a butterfly. So there we were one equal temper of elegant hearts debating whether it would be OK for dad to go sockless with his black velvet dancing slippers, when Nicholas looked at me and said, “Dad, you look great… you look like one of the Jonas brothers.” It had been a Dr No-vintage Sean Connery that I had in my mind’s eye as I had got dressed, but no matter. 

Man & Boy: Episode Seven: Glamour vs. Greatness by Mr. John Brodie for Mr. Porter Magazine.

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