Summertime Means The Platters

Vive aquaculture! Or words to that effect. Le Petit Plateau at Can Can takes advantage of sustainable seafood farming.

I’ve always wanted to order one. Ever since that night in an upstairs dining room in Paris in 1973 (?) when my father ordered a Grande Plateau. Back then the prospect of a raw oyster didn’t sit too well with me. Once I became a fan, sitting out the “R-less” months wasn’t always easy.

This is a real treat during the dog days of summer. Raw oysters and clams, steamed mussels and a boiled lobster (or 1/2, in this case) on ice, accompanied by a chilled Champagne, rosé, or Chablis. The platter was garnished with three sauces: a tarragon aioli, a mignonette and a cocktail sauce along with fresh quarters of lemon.

Consider a seafood platter for an intimate dinner for two. It makes for a stunning presentation and a festive evening.


Now, for those of you who were misled by my title this morning….


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