Forgive my absence, Mrs. E., the children and I took a brief foray into the wilds of Baltimore, or “Bawlmere” as it is locally pronounced by parts of the population.

It is a delightful experience, made more so because we got a chance to catch up with Meg of Pigtown-Design! I snapped a couple of surreptitious photos of her new digs. Below, the living room…


A bit of detail for that bit under the choir loft.

There is something for everyone in that very old town. Here are my two houseapes playing in a locomotive engine at the B&O Railroad Museum, inside the largest 22-sided building in the U.S.A. This was just before we swept into the Walters Art Museum (WOW!) to view one of the oldest and best reproductions of the Mona Lisa, the portrait with which my son is obsessed.



Finally, in the Tremont Grand, Meg and I spotted this design in the former Masonic lodge’s men’s room. We think it should grace the same wall in ADG’s Casa Maxminimus.

And yes, we did tour the Aquarium, along with half the population of the East Coast. Our reward was a lovely luncheon at The Capital Grille, under the personal supervision of Mr. Kinney, the affable, charming and very accommodating managing partner. Were we to relocate the Manse to Baltimore, I’m sure we’d be regulars, if only for the lump crab cocktail and stellar service. This is my idea of a chain restaurant.

And as wonderful as it was to meet, greet, tour, and eat, it is even nicer to be back home.

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2 Responses to Home(s)

  1. Brohammas says:

    The Mrs and I once took a day trip from Kaiserslautern Germany to Paris for the sole purpose of seeing the Mona Lisa. Well worth it.

  2. So much fun to meet you and the family! It was just great that everything worked out.

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