My Shoulders Are Not Natural


I was headed for a meeting , an interview to see if I was suitable to join a board, when I read ADG’s illustrated article. I began the day with a purple tie and a lavender striped shirt. Half an hour later, I changed the tie and pocket square.

Those in the know will tell you that you should never wear more than two patterns for an interview. I had on five, counting my socks.

But the title suggests that I should mention my preference for unnatural, i.e. padded, shoulders. Look at the photo above and you may see that my right shoulder is a full inch lower than my left (a common issue) and sort of turns in (fencing injuries, I believe). The corkscrew effect is most evident in the creases of my off-the-peg shirt. The defect is corrected with the extra pad added into my Canali coat. That’s why you need a good tailor, and, in my opinion, a medium amount of padding in your suit coats.


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