The Long or Short of It.

I was completely comfortable at church in this three season Oxxford suit on Sunday. Brunch outside at Cancan was a bit warm though, I will admit. Seersucker, poplin or linen are really the only fabrics that I can stand when the mercury tops 90ºF (32ºC). I’m in white linen trousers and a butcher stripe shirt today. As I stopped off to buy some yoghurt, I noticed that I was the only adult male at the store wearing trousers instead of shorts. Admittedly, the other men were mostly pensioners, retirees, what-have-you, but I do think that we can do a bit better.
This summer make a point of upping your casual game. It really is as simple as choosing a lightweight collared shirt and equally comfortable trousers. Socks are optional.

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