Weekend Casual: the Pitt’s

Watching “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, I was reminded of the versatility of the lightweight v-neck sweater. Brad Pitt wears a yellow one with a white t-shirt underneath. Choose a t-shirt that is tighter. Mine (Merona by Target made them, but no longer…) have 5% lycra in them. I find that the neck lies flatter and they layer better under sweaters.

The costumer finishes off the look with well-fitted khakis and a G-9 Baracuta jacket. Everyone is making the G9 these days. The original is by Harrington. Today all of them are cut slimmer than the original. LL Bean does a pretty good looking one at a great price.

(Bill’s Khakis M3 model fits the… bill)

(The Original Harrington G9 Baracuta Jacket will set you back about £135)

Add some desert boots and you’ve just stepped out of the Banana Republic catalogue. Churches makes a beautiful pair. Clarks did the original.

As for me? Layering a scarf is essential at 50ºF. Especially if you’re driving the kids to school with the sunroof open.

(Pink OCBD underneath as it looks like spring has finally sprung. Happy Weekend.)

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2 Responses to Weekend Casual: the Pitt’s

  1. Abbie's Boyfriend says:

    Speaking of t-shirts:

    In addition to their very decent, classic, solid Ts, Lands End also offers a basic solid t-shirt in a trimmer cut (at least online, they do). I wear this trim-cut shirt as a base when I’m layering. It comes in a number of colors.

    And, you can’t beat a Baracuta jacket. I like just about anything with raglan sleeves, and this jacket is a solid investment.

  2. Eric says:

    I bought my Merona sweater about three years ago. After heavy rotation, it’s been retired to slumming Saturdays around the house. I love that sweater!

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