Spring Layers for Unpredictable Weather

Just as I thought to rotate the wardrobe and put away the winter gear, we have a forecast that expects snow tomorrow night!
Don’t like the Virginia weather? Wait a minute.

With temps hovering just above freezing this morning, and highs predicted around 50ºF, it seemed a good time to layer a vest under a wool sportcoat. The whole palette is rather fall like, you could achieve the same level of comfort with a lightweight cashmere sweater under a blazer, but I felt like getting one more wear out of this kit before it gets packed away. Below the jacket, mid-grey, forward pleat trousers and tobacco suede brogues. The collar pin was a last-minute addition. A tie clip would have been snazzy, but a bit redundant as the vest keeps the tie in place. The photo also shows a good amount of drape in the chest of this venerable RL jacket.

Are you layering these days? Or do you rely on your coat to fend off the chill?

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