(The Kiss by Robert Doisneau. It was posed, by the way.)

This poster used to hang above my desk. My business partner always thought I was a bit off.

St. Valentine’s Day is a god day to practice being a bit thoughtful. You’ve sent flowers to the workplace, laid on the dinner plans, polished your shoes, bought your buttonhole and are looking forward to an unusual Monday evening.

One last thing, why not detail your significant other’s car? Or at least run it through the local car wash and have the inside super-cleaned.

Small gestures say a lot.

But even the best laid plans have a way of going astray. If you find yourself without companionship today, treat yourself thoughtfully! Head for the salon or barber. Have your shoes professionally shined. Take a glass of champagne with dinner. Turn up some Harry Connick, Jr. or Sinatra or Ella and dance a little. Or rent a movie — an unabashedly romantic movie, “The Philadelphia Story” is my favourite — and order dinner in. Just make sure to set a tray with a fresh flower and your silverware. Better yet, invite a friend or two who are in the same situation over for dinner.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

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