A New Age of Elegance?

I don’t generally do too much on the design magazines. There are a lot of bloggers who do the subject justice a hundred times better than I.

In fact, I don’t always delve into the magazines that lie around The Manse. Somehow, I’m always running out of time. Reading online is also difficult for me. I need more than the laptop for that. That said, a few covers have recently caught my eye. Elegance seems to be alive and well in the design world, although I don’t agree with a lot of the very cutting edge stuff. Too jangly in my opinion. And that’s from a guy who lives amidst a riot of colour.

I subscribe to “Traditional Home” and generally enjoy it very much. Mrs. E. and I live in a Victorian house and have decorated it in an loose art deco/1930’s style. TD does a good job of showing that traditions aren’t as fusty as you think.

This issue of HB leapt out at me. Maybe it was the think pink theme that got me. After winter, that bright burst of colour really hit home. The recipe for the porchetta is beautiful, too.  I’m glad I subscribe as it is always an interesting read.

AD, I picked up at the bookstore! Wow! When did this happen? A new layout, a new editor, it wasn’t just Porsche that reinvented an icon. Daphne Guinness. Art Deco. “The Age of Elegance.” How could I resist? I hope they keep it up.

What do you think? Which mags, if any, have been standouts this early in the year? Are we entering a new age of understated elegance in interior design?

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