A Cure For a Grenadine Allergy.

This is the ingredient in a Tequila Sunrise that makes it rosy red. It is traditionally made from pomegranate juice. It turns out that I am deadly allergic to pomegranate, and therefore, grenadine. I imagine that Rose’s is made from high fructose corn syrup these days, as is its counterpart, Rose’s Lime Juice (the real pity in my book.)

I am thrilled to report that there is a sartorial cure for my rather banal allergy and it comes in the form of a new tie or two from Sam Hober. Both are silk grenadine.

Grenadine is an open weave, reminiscent of the square ended knit tie with which we are all familiar. It ties (a four-in-hand) knot very nicely and the springiness of the weave means that it snaps back into shape when untied. Texturally, it is very interesting and adds a lot even when made up as a solid.

Sam Hober makes ties. Which means mine could be ordered in a 56″ length, a 3 1/4″ width and the recommended four fold with lining. One in navy (next time midnight blue) and one in silver (next time charcoal.) Yes, I’m that happy with them. Please visit and order one yourself. If I don’t rush out for the madder silk one first.

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