Haul Out the Holly. The Easy and Elegant Life Decorating Solution.

Passed a friend’s house on my run yesterday and noticed he and his wife had already decorated! As much as I love Christmas and the way the house looks all spruced up, I can’t stand hauling out the boxes of ornaments from the attic and decorating the tree.

If you’re like me, why don’t you throw a champagne and chocolate tree decorating party? It’s one way to make the time fly and really get you into the spirit of the season. A special ornament would make a nice gift for your guests.

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9 Responses to Haul Out the Holly. The Easy and Elegant Life Decorating Solution.

  1. Turling says:

    Oh, that is so true. I love the house being decorated and, actually, enjoy the decorating process. But, I’m completely stonewalled to start simply because I don’t want to crawl under the staircase to pull everything out. Strange how a 90 second task (we don’t have that much stuff) can keep you from getting started.

    I like the idea of the party, though. That would force me to get everything out.

  2. katiedid says:

    I hear you! I still haven’t started. Just clearing out the pumpkins and gourds from Thanksgiving has alluded me so far. I’ve got a question for you though. If I don’t want to do it, can I expect anyone else to want to help me? I think this is why I haven’t had a party like this before. If it works, let me know! I’ll be all over it! I love the holidays though….so I better get to it!!! Thanks for the virtual nudge, and Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Ms. CW says:

    Just stumbled upon your blog this afternoon, and I think it’s lovely.

  4. mary says:

    This will be the second year that we have a family decorating party… it is a wonderful no-stress family time in preparation for the Christmas Excess. We have a simple meal (my job) and my adult children and their young families do the decorating. I love where the babies put the ornaments (within dogs’ reach) and the detailed decision-making of the older ones. The parents just get a little tipsy.

  5. Ms. CW, many thanks and welcome. I hope you enjoy your browsing!

  6. katiedid, the lure of free champagne and possibly caviar or smoked salmon is often enticement enough for our friends. A little Bing, Frank, Deano and Eartha Baby on the stereo is sure to seal the deal.

  7. Turling, Mrs. E. has decided on a new decoration for the outside of the Manse… eight hours later, two trips to the store and an hour and a half in 38ºF breezes, it’s almost finished… yikes.

  8. Paula says:

    We recently were invited to a couple’s home to bake Springerle cookies, from start to finish (at one point in the process, the batter has to beat for 30 minutes–imagine three mixers going at high speed for 30 minutes!). The hostess put on a wonderful soup supper while the dough raised. It was fun, and I took home 5 dozen rolled-out cookies, which then sit over night, and then I baked them in the morning and into the freezer they went. This may all sound bizarre, but then this is the prairie spirit at its best. And everything is done in large volume, as if we are still putting up food for the winter? As for decorations, I can’t get in the groove until at least December 12-15. We use only fresh greens, and they tend to be so dry or parched if put up too early. I have also gone to more ‘quiet’ decorations, a la Colonial Williamsburg. All of the outdoor lights at some point look like, as my nurseryman recently quipped, “poor man’s Vegas.” Well, that about says it all! And the LED lights are the worst of all!

  9. pve says:

    Fresh greens, white lights, and a tree.
    I cannot wait to “spruce” up the maison….
    this week, I hope!

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