Easy and Elegant Life’s How to Wear Colour, Texture, Pattern

Still working away on the Manse, room by room, and am very pleased with my progress, even if things are going a bit slower than anticipated. Please forgive my continued absence from the scene.

In response to a reader’s request from the other day, I thought some of you may like the photo above. (Remember to click through several times to get really up close, if need be.) It shows, in close-up, what I try to do with colour, texture, pattern and my continued quest to make peace with blue jeans. This is my carpool-running-late-kids’-doctor’s-appointments-going-to-pick-up-groceries-and-then-clean-the-Manse-in-early-autumn ensemble of the day. By mid-afternoon it was too warm to wear the sweater, but driving with the windows and sunroof open was delightful. As long as it wasn’t raining.

Back in a bit. Thank you for your patience and for reading Easy and Elegant Life. Please peruse the archives at your leisure.

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