White Out

Long time readers know that Mrs. E. and I live in a riot of colour. We have walls that are red, yellow, green and orange, two rooms are faux treated. But just as I mix patterns and textures more in winter, once summer starts to blaze I long for something more … austere? The moral equivalent of the ice cream linen suit and spectators. Gauzy cottons, white sheets, walls and curtains, dark woods. Must be the Greek in me.

But changing the colourway(s) of The Manse isn’t as simple as changing the winter for summer wardrobe. And that seems to hold true for the fashion tribe which is loath to abandon whites for the winter.

Why should they? Or, more to the point, why should you? I think that women have an easier time with winter white then do we men. Herewith, I will try to clear up what items of clothing I deem right in white for the colder months.

1) The sweater. It’s a sweater. It is designed to be used to combat the chill in the air. Form follows function in this case. Below, a Royal Navy vintage submariner sweater in cream wool.

2) The ski parka, or down jacket. See form follows function. Not too useful if you’re worried about the ski patrol finding you, but nice for city streets.

(Marc down jacket via eBay)

3) Knit caps, knit gloves, mittens and scarves.

(Banana Republic — from 2008)

4) Corduroy trousers for women. Slim cut, fine wale, like these from Ann Taylor Loft. (USD$40)

5) Long wool/cashmere coats. Especially wrap coats which I find glamorous in winter white.

6) Fur pieces. Especially those big Russian hats that look like a rabbit halo around your head.

(Via Furhatworld.com)

7) White shirts and blouses, which have no season.

White can look right when combined with this winter’s trendy camel and grey color schemes. I find camel and white combinations to be particularly sophisticated. At least that’s the way I see it.

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