An Elegant Salad Bowl

I’m in the market for a salad bowl. My reliable ceramic pasta and salad bowl finally gave up the ghost and I’ve been reduced to mixing my greens in a cooking pot or a, heaven help me, plastic thing. Ideally a salad bowl should be able to go from kitchen to table, something that the cooking pot and plastic thingy cannot.

I’ve considered glass ( Elegant, but will it stand up to daily use?

Sophie Conran’s version.

Bamboo (from Branch). Sturdy, sustainable, but not really elegant in my book.

Ceramic (but at USD$295, I’m too hard on ceramic)

And then it hit me. When considering the elegant table, I ask myself… “what would The Architect do?”

Marble or cast stone, Regency era with a bit of architectural interest, of course.

But would the sideboard support it?

What is your most elegant solution to serving a salad?

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