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The Suit Must Go On….

Mrs. E. and I had the pleasure of attending an incredible performance of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?” by Edward Albee this past weekend. If you are in Richmond, try to catch one of the last performances this week. It … Continue reading

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‘ Morning.

Up for hours without much to show for it. I’m at home with a sick little girl. Yes, I’ve managed to get Mrs. E. and Monkeyboy dressed, fed and off to school and the girl at least fed, but that’s … Continue reading

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Thinking Outside of the Salad Box.

(For the reader who enquired yesterday, the footed silver plate “riser” in the middle of the table is just that. It lifts candles, floral arrangements or communal dishes a bit higher and, like a trivet, protects the finish on the … Continue reading

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