Inspiration. Beaton’s Scrapbook.

I love inspiration boards — those collections of clippings, photos, swatches, natural and found objects that inspire collections, home decor, and a life well-lived.

So I was particularly excited to get the press release announcing Assouline’s Fall 2010 publication of Beaton:The Art of the Scrapbook.

He did dozens of them apparently. Sotheby’s in London holds them all. Beaton lived during a very exciting time and, self-taught, went on to become a world-renowned photographer, stage and film designer.

(Must have been the geometry of the situation that intrigued him. Or perhaps the chemistry?)

(Life… as he might have known it.)

(Peter Lorre and Fred Astaire on the same page? Not until “Silk Stockings.”)

Published by the very chic and stylish Assouline, Beaton: The Art of the Scrapbook won’t be cheap at USD$250. But at 400 pages and featuring 600 photographs, this more than a glance into one of the most iconic figures of the fashion world. Cultivate your eye and draw inspiration from a master.

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