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Hide In Plain Sight.

” Loud shirts, ties, braces and suits do not an elegant image make; on the contrary, they nullify any potential of same. The best way to dress for work is to be as inconspicuous as possible with one’s dress while … Continue reading

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TBC? TCAT Casual

A cool, grey and drizzly day (hurrah!) here in Richmond, VA. We need the rain, but mornings like this make it hard to get everyone out of bed. Particularly when we’re all recovering from or in the midst of colds. … Continue reading

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It’s the Time of the Season…

[Forgive me for the unusual post, I’m still a bit wooly headed with this cold.] … that I love. Fall is upon us, even if the temperatures don’t yet support the concept. My tailor tells me that he still has … Continue reading

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