Enough is Too Much

Gilding the lily. Enough is too much! It’s been years that I’ve had this debate with friends. Pocket square OR boutonniere is the way it goes. Two things inspired this controversial pairing: Another Man’s Poison and my firm belief that the worse you feel, the better you should dress. Don’t be surprised to see me turn up looking like I’m ready for the Royal Enclosure at Ascot one of these days.

I was walking to the garage when I spotted one of the four or five roses blooming on the bush in the backyard, plucked it and popped it through my buttonhole. (There is a small thread sewn in back of the lapel to hold the stem.) I think that the white of my collar, pocket square and the rose echo nicely.

So how do you wear a flower? Sort of the same way that you wear a bow tie or a hat. It takes some getting used to and a fair amount of getting stared at. It helps that I was on my way to my tailor’s, where they’re used to me by now.

Do you wear a boutonniere?

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