A Day at the Beach

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8 Responses to A Day at the Beach

  1. pve says:

    Your life deserves a day at the beach – not that every day is not a day at the beach, but just enjoy your little selves! 🙂

  2. Lori H says:

    My husband and I have enjoyed the Colington Cafe a couple times, although it was a few years back. Our favorite “joint” is Tortugas Lie, MP 11 on the beach road. Not particulary elegant, but easy and fun.

  3. M.Lane says:

    You know you are KILLING me with these posts, don’t you?

    I am utterly jealous.


  4. Brian says:

    I also highly recommend the Duck Deli, if its still around, for a quick sandwich on the fly. Spent a week or two of every summer in the 90’s in a beach house in Duck, NC. Enjoy the time there, its beautiful.

  5. Brian, It was my breakfast place in the 90’s!

    M. Lane, sorry. It was too fast this year, but taught me a thing or two. More as things develop.

    Lori H., just met the guy who started Tortuga’s Lie and the Rundown among others. Nice career path. His corner bar is Ocean’s Boulevard.

    Mrs. PvE, you speak volumes. And there is no less deserving an individual. My life is an embarrassment of riches.

    Ami, every last second.

  6. barG says:

    I love picture #3. All the best to The Elegantologist and family.

  7. barG says:

    OOOOps! I meant picture #2.

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