The Icon Collection: The Avengers Suit

(“Always keep your bowler on in time of stress, and watch out for diabolical masterminds.” — Emma Peel)

I remember watching “The Avengers” on TV as a child in Holland. Now I own the DVDs and they get regular viewings, too. Sophisticated stuff considering the tongue-in-cheek SciSpy genre. It was the banter between Emma Peel and John Steed that keeps me coming back for more. That and the implacability of John Steed as he and Mrs. Peel face down all manner of thuggish goons whilst maintaining an impeccable grooming standard. Mrs. Peel certainly had the “M Appeal” that her creators sought in the character. That leather cat suit didn’t hurt either. Bowler and bumbershoot firmly in place is what most remember about Steed. I also marvel at the Mod’ish suits with tonal velvet collars and the Chelsea boots. Secret agent as true Neo-Edwardian dandy.

From The Icon Collection for your consideration: a two button light grey suit in Super 120, 270 gram Loro Piana fabric, minimally lined to keep things cool under duress. Slightly roped shoulder, suppressed waist, ever-so-slightly slanted pockets (and inside a passport, pen, cell phone and another chest pocket), mother-of-pearl buttons, working surgeon’s cuffs and an optional grey velvet collar. Paired with a slightly modified cut from Steed’s narrow, side-slit narrow trouser. The Icon collection’s trim zippered trouser features an extended tab waistband, shirt gripper, single forward pleat, coin pocket, watch pocket, two rear pockets (one buttoned, one not) and London side tabs, of course.

Shown here with a white tab collared broadcloth shirt and a pink Dobby cloth, tab cuff and placket button (in the event you are to meet Her Majesty), with white club collar. The blue striped spread collar shirt is of fine broadcloth with a white satin stripe by Zegna with true Mother-of-pearl buttons. Shown with a navy silk knit tie.

Mrs. Peel, we’re needed.

The Icon Collection Avengers Suit, made to your measure $1,500

White broadcloth tab collar, pink Dobby contrast collar and Zegna striped spread collar shirts, made to your measure $500 for the set.

Light blue stripe silk tie, silver houndstooth silk tie, navy silk knit tie. Each $105 in custom width and length as you wish.

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6 Responses to The Icon Collection: The Avengers Suit

  1. Turling says:

    I like it. I could do some serious damage in that suit.

  2. Turling, you should see it on. I’ll try and get some video up of me in it and looking through the inside etc. ..

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  4. John O'Connor says:

    Great looking suit! Love the subtle details, and, thank God!!, its not black!!!

    Any chance of peak lapels?

  5. John O’Connor, Somehow I missed your question, many apologies. Yes, peaked lapels are available.

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