Summer Tweed?

My mom really hit it out of the park for a party and my daughter’s ballet “recital” this past weekend. But why wouldn’t she? She based her outfit on a real classic: the Chanel tweed jacket. Only hers wasn’t Chanel, but a reasonable facsimile by Sag Harbor. Pink tweed jacket, peach camisol style top, two or three long strands of pearl and gold necklaces, white linen trousers, gold thong style sandal by Madden Girl, white leather clutch, I’m not sure it was very Richmond, but she would have been at home in a larger city — she does live outside of D.C. in Alexandria. Everyone assumed she was wearing Chanel and she did nothing to discourage that assumption. Well, why should she?

Chanel reworked her iconic tweed jacket in the 30’s, 40’s and eventually in the late 70’s whilst staying true to the slightly boxy silhouette. The collarless jackets, trimmed in braid with gold buttons and patch pockets featured a gold chain sewn into the hem to ensure that the jacket hung properly from the shoulders. And hang properly it did on many a society maven as the suits and jackets became the status symbol of the 80’s. But the reason that I think the jacket has endured is it’s flexibility. It is equally at home paired with jeans or linen trousers or the slightly below knee length skirt (the length that Chanel preferred). Tweed, as we know, travels very well. It is hardy stuff. Dressed up or down, suitable for ladies who lunch and/or hop the company jet across the pond, what more could the modern woman want? And that’s exactly the sort of garment that Chanel set out to create.

Find one and add it to your wardrobe, if you don’t have one hanging there already.

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