“Parakalo, Nescafé Frappé Me Gala”

Pardon the illiterate translation, I never learned Greek, despite being half. That’s what I learned to say sitting at a waterfront café in the hot afternoons on Corfu, circa 1989 or so.

Sense memories of hot afternoons aren’t too difficult to summon in June in central Virginia.

(Doesn’t seem quite right, does it?)

Those of you who have been keeping up with Easy and Elegant Life for a while now know that, while not fanatic, I am a fan of good coffee. And by good, I mean strong, not bitter, not burnt and very fresh.

I have my own mixture of beans that I grind at home. I use filtered water. I do my best because I drink coffee as I do whisky — neat. In this case black, no sugar. I’ll also drink hot coffee, or a demi-tasse during the day regardless of the temperature outside.

But seat me outside during a hot afternoon and it’s iced coffee that I order almost without fail. Iced coffee that is a far cry from the sort that I order hot.

“Nescafé frappé me gala” (Coffee shaken with milk. Nescafé, the instant stuff, in particular. And it’s delicious.)

Into your cocktail shaker, add:

2-3 teaspoons of Nescafé coffee

(if you add sugar, add 2 teaspoons now)

several ice cubes

1-2 tablespoons of evaporated or regular milk.

Shake, pour over ice in a tall glass, top with cold water, add a straw and enjoy. (You may omit the milk or sugar or both. It’s up to you.)

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