Enjoying the Contrast

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It is 101ºF outside as I type this and I’ve just returned from an errand I had to run. It’s hot and there’s not much you can do about it except wear the lightest coloured and lightest weight fabrics you can. In my case it’s broadcloth and (white) seersucker. At least you’ll reflect so much sunlight that nobody will be able to catch more than a glimpse of your rumpled and perspiring self. A sartorial slight of hand; you can imagine the effect outside given the glare reflected from the light streaming in obliquely through the window.

Reviewing some of the photos coming out of the men’s shows in Italy, especially the street style shots, I am drawn to a particular look — the contrast collar shirt worn open necked with or without a jacket (I’m carrying mine at the moment) and white trousers or jeans. I enjoy the contrast between the formality of the shirt and the informal way in which it’s worn.

Suede shoes are a given in Italy and unlined versions worn sockless like these ancient Weejuns are very comfortable in the heat.

Do you wear your contrast collar shirts casually?

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