Sunshine Yellow

Up to 78ºF and sunny. Not the best conditions to shoot a video under. However, it is a fine day to unveil a spring tie for the first wearing of the season, even if it is tax day. Yellow grenadine worn over a glen plaid with yellow overcheck, a DB blue blazer and grey worsted trousers. Tobacco brown suede brogues. It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day.

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6 Responses to Sunshine Yellow

  1. Karena says:

    Chris, loving yellow right now, and good to see some spring colors on the gents.

    Art by Karena

  2. Ami says:

    I think the Yellow tie is a perfect complement to Tax Day!! How’s it looking for the weekend? I’ll be on the road again, getting my now-routine Can Can Sunday Brunch!!

  3. kit says:

    I love that yellow tie. I went with RL BD in pink with a sky blue tie from Haines & Bonner, khaki’s and Bass penny loafer. It was a pretty nice day in the north east.

    Happy Tax Day!

  4. Turling says:

    Fine look and an excellent dimple. On the tie, of course. Not surprisingly I think I’m going to ask what color is the square? Powder blue?

    And, today is the official day I am always most happy that I am no longer working in public accounting (yes, I’m a CPA).

  5. Hi Turling, congrats. The 15th is always cause for meatloaf or chili and a puzzled look around here.

    The pocket square is actually a yellow, black, white and red number in a very disconcerting pattern. Although I’ve had it for years, I’ve really taken to it lately. As it’s mostly white, it goes nicely with a lot of my clothing and usually adds a different colour to the mix.

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