Happy Feet

I’m pleased to be able to announce a new partnership with Ropeysoles Espadrilles and Berets, an online purveyor of … espadrilles and berets, two of my favourite accessories.

For new readers, you’ve not run across my obsession with the rope soled shoes. In summer they accompany me to the beach and as soon as the weather warms in spring, they become my house slippers and general kick-around shoes. I prefer them in stripes and plain white.

And is there anything more chic to wear with your black maillot, aside from a St Tropez tan and a large brimmed straw hat? I think Mrs. E. might like these in black or marine.

The prices are the best I’ve found on the internet and Ropeysoles has generously offered readers of Easy and Elegant Life an additional 5% off each order. Because of their existing discount mechanism for 4 or more items, that 5% will be applied after the existing 10%, so you get 14.5% off on any order of 4 or more items in any mix.

Just enter EE2010. It’ll tell them I sent you.

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