Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Challenge

[ed: UPDATE. You must register at before you can come back to get the free razor. Sorry for the confusion. C

Go to and register all your name address phone email address and password info there. Then come back here and hit the get yours button then put in your registered email and password under the invite code and you will be passed on to the rest of the registration process to get your ProGlide razor free. Everyone needs to already be registered at to complete this application.]

Dear Readers,
The marketing descendants of King Gillette have asked that we participate in a little give-away. You’ll find the counter and widget up at the right of your screen, where I’ll leave it until it hits “0”. Gillette will be collecting the necessary information to send you your free razor. I’ve got mine, along with a nifty press kit that let me install the widget and get the low-down on the new products. Included for my benefit is a can of foam and some exfoliating facial scrub. I don’t think you all get those bits.

As long-time readers know, I’m a fan of wet shaving. In fact, the model of razor that I use is a Gillette that is not substantially different from that pictured in the patent drawing above. It was my father-in-law’s when he was in the Navy. I also use a heavier Merkur adjustable, both models outfitted with double-edged blades from Japan, Germany, or somewhere else.

My shaving routine involves a bowl, soap, a mug, a badger brush and three passes — with, across and against the grain. I get a fine close shave most days. The problem with that routine is that it takes time and there are days when time is not on my side. On those rare occasions, I do reach for my Fusion razor and a tube of Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Shave Cream or Kiehl’s Close Shavers shave cream and make do with one or two quick passes. I like the little trimmer blade on the back which lets me get pretty close up under my nose.

But, was there any way to improve upon the design? The folks at Gillette think so. Mercifully, they haven’t added more blades, simply made them thinner and finer. Which, I presume, makes them more flexible and therefore less dangerous to anything but the stubble on your face. A skin stretching “snowplow” and microcomb (much like the larger version on the drawing above) help to channel shaving soap and hair to the right places. A new handle is supposed to make it easier to flip about. Blade stabilizers keep all of them in the proper orbit and help them to adjust to our Sam Shepard-like craggy visages. There’s more lubrication, too. ‘Nuff said.

Now, about this challenge, Gillette Fusion ProGlide would like us to use the new razor (it’s not due in stores until June), review it, Tweet about it, Friend them and generally generate a lot of buzz for the razor. They hope it’s a positive shaving experience and we’ll give glowing testimony.

Well there you go. Have at them (I’m not sure if international readers are eligible. The letter refers to me as one of “the most influential bloggers in the country“, emphasis mine). If you’ve time, leave me comments to let me know that you’ve received your razor and how you find the shave. I’ll be sure to post my honest review.

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