Weather or Not

(Cary Grant waits out the storm rather than risk his black suede shoes)

One of the great things about a snow day is that you can find a babysitter, provided she drives an SUV. Ours was rear-ended on the way over to the Manse, but arrived in relatively good shape. Which allowed us to go to a wonderful dinner party.

As is our practice in inclement weather, Mrs. E. and I wore snow boots and carried a pair of black Belgian Shoes to change into at our hosts’ house (for some reason I prefer to wear only black shoes at night). And, as usual, we were greeted by a company of old friends and a new couple who are most charming, she a singer and actress, he a Canadian in investment banking who works in New York during the week. Which must explain his approach to our winters. For he was wearing black suede shoes. Black suede shoes to traverse the short, salt, sand and snow covered distance from kerb to front door and back again. Sartorial brio is alive and well.

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(Bruno Magli Magro via

(Hush Puppies Wayne model via

(Bass Buckingham via

(Dior Homme Suede Ankle Boots

(R. Martegani Venetian Loafers via

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11 Responses to Weather or Not

  1. toad says:

    While almost all of my shoes are suede, somehow I just can’t do black. It’s a character flaw I know. The blue suede loafers on your list may find a home here very quickly.

  2. Toad, I had green ones once. Wore them with a DB dove grey suit to NYC. Comment in the bar as I ordered bourbon, “you’re not from around here are you?”

  3. Toad. P.S. I have some black horsebit loafers in suede, but they rarely see the light. All the rest of mine are brown.

  4. trey says:

    I’ve seen this CG picture a million times. It’s one of my favorites. How do you know his shoes are black suede?

  5. Brent says:

    Holy cow! You sure do like the spendy shoes, don’t you?

    At least you included one pair for us po’ folk. They almost look like the photographic negative of a pair of white bucks. Hmm, I wonder why?

  6. Cielo says:

    Lovely site, I am thoroughly enjoying your posts. One can only hope to find (or be found by!) a charming gentleman nowadays.


  7. ADG says:

    Can’t seem to do black shoes other than an old pair of black suede Gucci loafers. Navy blue? Count me in.

  8. Corporate Creature says:

    I love brown suede shoes and have several pair, but frankly had never entertained the idea of black or blue ones until I read your post. Thanks.

  9. Corp. Creature, they’re a rare thing, but very interesting the way that they absorb light rather than reflect it. Best for night.

    ADG, can’t wait to see the blue numbers you’re working up. I wear more black now than I ever have although my preference is for deep browns and chestnut coloured shoes.

    Cielo, welcome and thank you! Spread the word, this little community will keep fighting the good fight. Who knows?

    Brent, I used to say that (pardon me…) food, shoes and sex, money is no object. Good shoes will serve you better over time, and keep your feet in fighting trim. I still wear the AE’s that I bought in 1986. They’ve been resoled three times and are wonderfully comfortable. If you can’t find a good vintage pair that fit, hold out and save up. They’ll be worth it. get the basics first, though.

    Trey, I’ve printed it out on photo paper and it sits framed on my desk. My magnifying glass shows me the nap compared to the leather trim by the laces and the polished edges. The light isn’t at all reflected the way it is on the harder finishes.

  10. Your post reminded me of my father’s galoshes that he would slip over his shoes. If I remember correctly, he had a pair just large enough to cover a dress shoe and a second pair that were more like boots. I wonder if they’ve fallen out of use or if they’re still a common thing in the snowier parts of the country. I asked my husband about them and he said they all wore them at West Point over their shoes (early 80’s)

  11. Notting, I keep a pair in the trunk of the car, but I don’t recall seeing any since the early 90’s when I worked in Washington D.C. .

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