Denim Again, Maybe Not.

I recently saw “Being Mick: You Would If You Could.” I’m not sure I would. And that may lie at the heart of the matter when it comes to me and “my” jeans.

In fact, I’ve purchased a new pair. My family has been asked to be a part of a photo shoot that will adorn my eye doctor’s new offices. We were originally asked to wear dark tops and jeans. When I mentioned that I really didn’t wear jeans and didn’t have a pair that fit, the photographer graciously told me to “be myself.” Splendid! thought I. And then I decided to try and enter into the spirit of the thing.

Conclusion: I’m still not a big fan of jeans.

Jeans are too aggressive for me. Too bump and grind. I don’t understand the wrinkling/ruching/shirring/whiskering, and they feel terrible. But, for USD$28, Levi’s Authentic Signature Slim Straight dark rinse jean for Target seems a fair deal.

For the most part you will still find me in corduroy, moleskin, flannel or khaki on casual days. And at photo shoots with the family.

[UPDATE: fine suggestions all. Thank you. Yesterday’s riff on the jeans and jacket:

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