The Whole Package

(The Dorothy Draper designed lobby of The Greenbrier Hotel.)

I like hotels, don’t you? In fact, I could very easily live in a hotel like the characters in “The Object of Beauty” or Graham Greene. Especially if that hotel were in London, say. Or New York. Or Paris. As long as there were a decent bar and a good restaurant close by. The surroundings help too. Clean, well-lighted, beautifully furnished rooms and public spaces make me happy. Discreet and superlative service is just the thing for sweeping away the cares of the world in my opinion.

Like most men, I imagine, I am at my absolute best when I am dating. Something of a problem for we happily married types. Which is why Mrs. E. and I resolved to have an evening to ourselves every once in a while. Not that the mad social whirlwind in which we live isn’t fun, but it’s nice to have a moment to reflect on our shared history — our love story — for a change.

Which is why I am thrilled to find out about those off-season packages. Like this one at The Greenbrier. Snowshoe and Silver Creek offer skiing not too far away, mineral waters that Thomas Jefferson found refreshing, and a great indoor stream fed pool, if I remember correctly… . The whole package sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

The hard part is convincing Mrs. E. that the children will survive a night or two without us.

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