Errand Boy

(Horrible photo, sorry! I’ve got to dash.)

Playing catch-up today after the long weekend and the travelling to the family reunion, so this is a short post.

Tweed and leather are a natural match. Both are rugged and outdoorsy. There’s a reason that worn tweed jackets are patched with suede. It just looks right.

I always feel vaguely Hollywood circa the 1970’s when I don an outfit like this, but the weather calls for some fancy footwork as mornings start in the mid-30’s and end up hovering around 60ºF. Matched with the cream and tweed trousers are a pair of suede Chelsea boots, a lightweight cashmere cream turtleneck and a caramel coloured suede overshirt, all of which should let me drive around with the sunroof open, at least, as I buy a Christmas present and a get-well card.

Dressing tonally when you are casual is a very easy way to up your elegance quotient; in my opinion it looks a little more well-thought out.

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