A Little Perspective for a Monday

I’m not a big fan of the late night shows. They’re on too late for me to catch up with. The humour isn’t my brand and most of the guests… . Mrs. E. sent me this video that was forwarded to her this fine, crisp Monday morning. I hope it reminds us to slow down and be amazed. As I write this, a student bicycled by the window. She was texting and listening to music on her phone… .

And on that note, I’m announcing an open call for bloggers to submit your choices for the Easy and Elegant Life Holiday Gift Guide 2009. This year’s theme: Life’s Little Luxuries. Holiday Gifts for Frugal Times. Please submit three items (or thoughts, etc.), one less than USD$100, one less than $50 and one less than $25. Please email me no later than December 7th. Thanks!

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