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My new issue of The Rake arrived in the mailbox on Saturday and, as usual, it is up to snuff. I spent a lot of time with the new issue yesterday and am looking forward to more today.

Much the way that a home decor magazine can inspire you to rethink your rooms, a good “fashion” (and I use that term very loosely) magazine can make you see your wardrobe in a different light. This issue featured a lot about colour. And in these early fall days, when nature is changing its hues, why not join … errr… suit. If nothing else, opt for a bright splash of colour at the breast pocket (I’m itching for some new silk squares.)

I would have never thought of pushing some colour into a very conservative suit like the one in the photo above. I tend to reserve colourful accents for dark blue suits and navy blazers for some reason. But in the spirit of adventure, and with an eye on the editorial I gave it a shot.

Here, I’ve enlivened a stalwart grey (with tan stripe) Oxxford suit adding a lavender striped shirt, a lavender, navy, white and brown striped tie and a brown, orange, navy and purple patterned pocket square. If it seems a bit much, it is. The square itself would make a fine counterpoint for a solid or discreetly patterned dark tie and more “sober” shirt. But that wasn’t the point this time.

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