Sick Days


Does this happen to you?

I’m ill today. Laryngitis. Which means I’ve caught a virus from one or both of the children. It’s raining, too. I meant to throw on a pair of cavalry twill trousers and my double soled cordovan brogues with a shirt and the Barbour jacket. The next thing I know, I’m pulling on the suit and tie. Ill-fitted, isn’t it? It’s an old twill Lauren by Ralph Lauren about a size too big and tailored with a very full break at the cuffs. So I’ll ditch the jacket and don the Barbour. I’ll loosen my tie to check for strep throat anyway… .

What to take away from this post? Fit matters. And, the worse you feel the better you should dress; especially if you’ve got to go out. It sort of cheers you up. At least a little.

No tie arch… again.

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13 Responses to Sick Days

  1. Oh, darn. Hopefully not strep. I suffer from this annually and my doctor tells me it is the same virus that causes croup in children. Hoping you feel better soon.

  2. lecaro says:

    You still look better than 99% of the male population, “ill-fitting” suit and all. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hoping it is not strep. And I tell you, I have a 2 year old who is the oldest, I relentlessly use wipes and purell and it seems every other week we are having a sickness of some nature – her trembling from fever last week terrified me, and then it was gone in a few hours. I just have no idea how to keep these devils out, because believe me, I make an effort! Hoping all is well soon, Catherine

  4. Ami Thomas says:

    I couldn’t agree more! On my Sick Days, I’ve been known to take a hot bubble bath and, perform a complete toilette at the vanity, put on fresh pajamas and return to bed! It makes all the difference…Hope you’re soon up to snuff!

  5. Doug In OK says:

    When I was a kid, my dad would give me a shot of his best scotch to kill the sore throat. It was the 60’s, go figure. I am much more fond of the remedy today than I was then. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Turling says:

    All the best to you and hoping for a speedy recovery. I do have to ask, though, why you still own that suit?

  7. Turling, I hated to admit that it has to go. One advantage of this blog is that I get to see exactly what I look like in something. It makes parting with said garment much easier.

  8. Thanks all. Feeling much better and managed a run which really helped. Believe it or not. At least metaphysically.

  9. pve says:

    I love how the a ill fitting day allows us room to feel better, to see that good health and a sharp suit can add spring to any rainy day. Drink lots of tea with ginger and lemon…and honey infused with lavender.

  10. ADG says:


    the viral stuff seems to be starting earlier this year for certain. I had a mild “something” last week and my throat is tickly yet again. I’m wrapping this feedback in love my friend but I gotta tell you-that suit isn’t your best by a long shot.

    I hope you feel better soon.



  11. David V says:

    Get well.

    Why hasn’t that straw been stored away? 🙂

  12. David V, Can’t get into the closet to find the box… children’s toys…

    DeepSouthDad, welcome and thank you for a very timely comment (sorry.) I, too was taught that rule about black tie. But I do have to admit to wearing my watch sometimes. And I never wear my pocket watch with my dinner jacket, though I don’t know why. Will have to rethink that this year. At least the guests you have witnessed checking their cellphones are stepping outside to do so!

  13. I hope, by now you are feeling better. I agree- the worse one feels the better one should dress! That is, of course, unless you are bedridden- in that case I would suggest only the highest quality pj’s to elevate the mood.

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