Please Bring Back


The lady’s watch, like the 1940’s Elgin shown above.

While I can cast a most appreciative eye over a man’s watch worn by a woman (Mrs. E. wears her grandfather’s Tudor, engraved with his name, rank and service number on the back), I miss seeing the delicate watches that once were worn over elbow length gloves or clipped to a sweater or jacket. They were sometimes called “cocktail” watches and were really more jewelry than anything else.

Watches in general are falling by the wayside for a younger generation whose electronic devices tell time and do so very much more. An anecdote told in “The Element” by Ken Robinson, Ph.D. illustrates why.

“You mean that’s all it does?” Said the philosopher’s daughter.

“Well no… it tells me the date, too” he replied.

I suppose that those delicate little machines of old said to me that time really wasn’t that important to the wearer, but it was nice to know and be able to answer a request for the hour should someone ask.

Don’t you think they should make a comeback? Especially since it is highly unlikely that you will ever have to rely on one to actually tell you the time. Your iPhone can do that for you.

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