Bottling Water


Just a quick thought. Mrs. E. can’t tolerate water that is too cold. In summer, she’s very happy with our filtered tap water as it is room temperature. Drives me to distraction. I like cold water.

Refrigerator space is always at a premium here at The Manse. I got rid of our Brita Filter pitcher a while back. Besides, it was plastic… I also don’t like drinking out of plastic. (Did I mention that the glass association was a client at a firm I was with in D.C.? Never thought about plastic the same way again.) I am also convinced that capping bottles and sealing up food makes the refrigerator work more efficiently.

So I was pleased today to realize that I had saved an old Effervé French Limonade bottle with its ceramic stopper. Voilà! Cold water by the bottle. And, if you should find yourself midweek longing for the weekend, you may premix martinis in the same sort of bottle and store them in the freezer. A habit of Mrs. E.’s grandfather, if he was serving less than a crowd… In that case the cocktail was mixed by the gallon, over a chunk of ice, in a ham cooker and garnished with floating olives and lemon peels.

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