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  1. Bg says:

    Excellent post remembering 9/11. Who designed this “card” and is it available. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Emily Heston says:

    Hello Chris — please tell me more about this significant flag.

    On a less significant note, I added Sazon Goya to a lackluster meat sauce the other night — the comments!! Usually I spend so much time with brown sugar, vinegar, worchestershire trying to spice thngs up — but that little packet did the trick!

  3. Hello Ms. Heston, amazing little packet, no?

    Welcome Bg, in answer to both of your questions regarding the flag. It is the “Freedom Flag” created by a gentleman here in Richmond who owned Melito’s restaurant (and perhaps still does?) Learn more here: http://freedomflagfoundation.org/about.php

  4. Dave Jurin says:

    I dunno, it looks weirdly Cuban.

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