Late Summer Early Afternoon


A few random thoughts today and hope for the future.

Waiting for an afternoon meeting a couple of things occurred to me. One, it’s very difficult to type on the keypad whilst wearing cufflinks. I suppose that when cufflinks were very popular the “wrist rest” wasn’t a part of any sort of typing device or men simply didn’t type.

Sleeve openings/cuffs on an off-the-peg suit are always too wide and belt loops drive me to distraction.

In the quest for elegance, I fought my natural instinct to wear a brighter mint green and purple tie in favour of this one, which was a groomsman’s gift from a dear friend. It will be in the mid-90º’s when I take my daughter to the photo shoot. I hope I don’t soak through the tie.

The English are known for wearing more colourful shirts (in certain circles) and sober ties. The reasons are simple. At one point, a man would only wear his school, regimental or club tie; in short only those organizational ties to which he was organizationally tied. That left precious room for self-expression. It is an older practice that isn’t too bad an idea.

And there are plenty of new bad ideas out there if a quick scan of the women’s fashion magazines is any indication. Fortunately, the continued popularity of AMC’s “Mad Men” and a yearning for more stable and prosperous times has many designers looking backward. I’ve written before that the best “fashion” magazine for women is “Q: Quintessential Style”, that magazine that interprets classic style using current runway looks. I hope that they don’t go belly up as so many shelter magazines have in recent months.

Classic style means different things to different people. For those who weren’t really sartorially aware in the 1980’s, the resurgence of the strong shoulder and weirdly shaped silhouette is a revelation. For some of us who were there…. well, let’s just say we’d rather not revisit all things from the past. Buried deep within the usual silliness of the fashion scene, women will find that classic tailoring still exists. I urge you to do a little shopping this season. Find a houndstooth skirt, the perfect pantsuit or skirt and jacket, that dress. All the houses are rethinking classic. Even Versace falls into line with Celine, Ralph Lauren, and the always elegant Carolina Herrera. When the trends are going your way, it’s time to embrace them.


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