Dog Days

(Please forgive the hastily shot, bleary photo. I was expecting guests at any moment….)

Last Friday evening Mrs. E. and I volunteered to host our neighbourhood association’s porch party.

“When we dreamed these up,” said Tom, our president, “it was a beautiful day in May…”

A thunderstorm ripped through town three hours before the party’s appointed hour of 6:30 PM making short work of the effort that we put into cleaning off the front porch. I had hoped that it would also break the heat. It was a forlorn hope. Hazy, hot and humid, a Richmond summer had descended upon us.

With very little time to set up the table, crock pot of barbeque, coolers of ice, water and popsicles and the beverage tub (the children are put to bed at the same time,) I was rushing to have things in place and getting ready to receive our guests.

There is are a few tricks to looking fairly presentable when the dog days of summer weigh heavily on your wardrobe choices. Hydrate. Accept that you will perspire. Accept that you will wrinkle. Carry a handkerchief with which to mop your brow. Dab a bit of West Indies Lime cologne around your temple and pulse points. Douse yourself liberally with Gold Bond Medicated Body Powder (inside the shoes, too) and choose seersucker and linen from the closet.

Above, white on white seersucker trousers by Polo. Black ribbon belt with pink martini glasses motif by Leatherman, Ltd. Pink Irish linen button down shirt by Brooks Brothers. “Mr. Casual” calf Belgian Shoes in black with black trim (a gift from a friend.)

Below, goofing around in a variation on a theme for a walk to and from the VCA’s sidewalk sale (spent too much money. Must of been the heat.) Green and white, pleated seersucker trousers by Polo Ralph Lauren, green and white ribbon belt by Land’s End. Tan, unlined, suede horn-bit loafer by Martin Dingman and ancient Irish linen shirt by Banana Republic. As you can tell, nothing is fitted; the idea is to let each breeze through the fabric whilst keeping the fabric away from your skin.


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