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I am experiencing some software customer service issues. How can such a great product be connected with such mediocrity?

In an effort to back up files, I purchased a Time Capsule device. Of course that required a software upgrade. The disc wouldn’t boot. I tried on line tech support and followed the troubleshooting tips. Then I tried tech support via phone. After several attempts, the tech suggested that I return the disc to the store and he believed it is bad. Fair enough, thank you for your help Brandon. The back does look dodgy. I cleaned it and repeated the processes. Nada.

Off to the Apple store. Signed in to Personal Shopping as I wanted to return the box set and get a new disc and may as well have updated my ProCare agreement. An hour wait. Oh… the disc thing would be a “genius” problem. No more appointments today, come back tomorrow; but I can sell you the ProCare agreement.

I’ll do it tomorrow. When this gets resolved. Who do I bill for the lost time?

Now, I know that a few hundred dollars in computer software and peripherals is nickel and dime stuff, but really? When I worked retail, my guys and I would open the store early, schedule after hours/private appointments, deliver to offices, homes and in one case, the tarmac at the airport for a client who was leaving on a plane. No extra charge. Thank you for your business.

A tip to save frustration and maintain your elegantly detached exterior: do it all on-line. Computer companies do not understand personal interaction.

A fact that is especially evident when compared to the stellar customer service I got at the Verizon Wireless store yesterday. Thank you Jessica. No, I can’t get an iPhone with Verizon, but I can get service. Can you hear me now? Phone companies, even in this age of texting, depend on human communications.

I may be offline today and tomorrow as I try and get this thing sorted out. Thank you for your patience.

Thus endeth the screed.

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