Good Thing I Practiced at the Beach


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4 Responses to Good Thing I Practiced at the Beach

  1. Nick says:

    Ok but don’t you think you should upgrade to a real sword? Imagine how dashing you would look, circulating at parties, wearing a sword, gliding up to beautiful and mysterious women “madame, would you like a drink?”

  2. Just FYI, I will be posting later today after I set up some photos. Thanks for your patience.

  3. Hi Nick, I have my father’s officer’s sabre, but it is sharp… I do like the 300 yr. old Kenyan War Dagger as it has the right heft for the job.

  4. David V says:

    Intrigued, I search YouTube and found someone how performed sabrage with the base of a fluted glass! Chic and handy too!
    I may pick up a cheap bottle of bubbly and give the rapier a try.

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