The Three C’s

There is the international style and then there are the Italians.


Colour, cut and creativity combine to give the Italian man an easy elegance that is refined to the extreme. To see what I mean, please visit Kishida Days Luxury Channel Recommendation Web-Channel by Plots Men in Italy. All of which is considerably shorter in the Japanese characters. I may not understand the language, but I get what they’re trying to convey. I can’t recommend all the looks, but each is brilliantly executed, if very studied. Especially the Italian take on casually elegant.

And reasons 22 and 23 to not pay heed to our Italian brethren.



These are two of my go-to looks when I’m very rushed and have no time to shave. I also assume that I wouldn’t have any important business to which I should attend. Drive-through teller, sure. Walking into the bank, definitely not.

What about you? Do you have a go-to casually elegant look? And, do you think that jeans can play a casually elegant role in your wardrobe?

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