Linger… Terry a While


Dressing has its rituals. Or at least it should; that’s part of the fun. Beau Brummel used to hold court during his toilet. He should have charged admission, or sold season tickets to stave off his inevitable bankruptcy.

As long time readers know, I am a fan of the dressing gown, that half way point between fully armoured and half-dressed. But one of the most effective, comfortable and elegant ways to step from the shower or bath and make your way to the sink to shave is to envelope yourself in a 100% cotton Turkish terry cloth robe.

An invigorating toweling off is good for the circulation, sure. But in winter, especially, it can be drying on the skin. Better to trap the moisture next to you for a bit and let the robe absorb the excess. Choose the thickest you can find. The colour is up to you, but I prefer a stark white. 20 ounces or more (over 450 grams which is about 16 oz. per yard) if possible. Thicker means more absorbent and longer-lasting.

Best of all in these tight times, you can throw it in the wash once a week instead of having to dryclean your silk or woolen robe.

If you haven’t acquired one from your favourite five-star hotel, you might try LL Bean’s 12.5 oz. version, Digital Threads’ 16 oz. version (FYI, I haven’t bought from them), or Turkish Towels heavy and soft version(Again, an unknown source), or the 14 oz. Sierra Trading Post offering in the photo above. Just the way to start off the weekend.

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