Classical Mornings


I had a completely different post in mind this morning as I drove back home from dropping off the progeny. As usual, the radio was tuned to NPR and I happened to catch the last bit of a story about Cezanne whilst waiting for Performance Today to begin.

The part of the story that inspired this post was a comment by an associate director of The Philadelphia Museum of Art where the show is taking place. He was asked why there was a need for another huge exhibit centered around Cezanne’s work and influence?

He replied: “Why stage another Shakespeare play? Another Beethovan symphony? These are the fundamentals, the things that sustain us each day, and we can’t have enough of them.”

Quite right. Especially for a luncheon with the faculty at my daughter’s new school. So today I have traded my spots for stripes. There are some mornings when you are up in the air about what to wear. You can never go wrong with a tried and true classic.

Most of this is off the rack. In the photo, for those keeping track: Navy chalkstripe 2 1/2 button (3 button rolled to the second), singlebreasted suit by Polo Ralph Lauren, blue and white stripe custom shirt by Land’s End, MTM black plain toe blucher by R. Martegani, tie Haines and Bonner of London, gut end braces by Thurston, horizontally striped blue and white socks by Pantherella (well, I had to have some fun, didn’t I?)

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